The Colors of Jade

While it is known for its shades of green, jade can be found in many remarkable colors, some softer and some more brilliant. It is also carved in a wide variety of styles and forms. The pendants and bangles in the photos below show just some of its possibilities. They were carved in the United States, New Zealand, China, and Guatemala, some a while ago and some only recently. Each has a story to tell, and since jade is such a tough stone, it is a refuge that will last.


two rabbits


three NZ



bird head



Schiling's pendants

Tiny Refuges

One way to explore refuges is to create tiny ones. These can be made in any number of ways using shadow boxes, a bookcase, miniature rooms, and “fairy houses” made of natural materials out in the woods. I created a number of tiny environments to my specific tastes over the years including a project that captured light using a transparent plastic cube. Below you will see an antique shop, a fall kitchen, a room at an inn, a Chinese restaurant, a Japanese tea ceremony with a badger guest, a weaver’s workshop, and a cube in my garden.

Antique Shop

Fall kitchen

Room at an inn

Chinese restaurant

Japanese tea ceremony

Weavers workshop

Capturing light