Blueberry Memories


Blueberries are tough plants. They like the acidic gravelly soil with lots of sun exposure that is found on tops of mountains in New England and other places where they grow wild. They thrive when they are burned or eaten back by animals as this stimulates new growth underground. Knowing they are good for you does not take anything away from their wonderful color and sweet acid taste after a hike up a mountain.

As my siblings and I hiked up Pine Mountain’s easy ascent with our parents and their friends, those friends would tell Scaramapoodles stories. Scaramapoodles looked for children who were chewing gum. They would keep the gum and spit out the kids. We loved it. Those stories were clearly meant just for us kids.

July when blueberries are ripe is a perfect time to be camping in the mountains of Hew Hampshire as my family used to do most summers. Even when I did not feel like climbing a mountain, I was willing to climb Pine Mountain. It had blueberries and spectacular views of the Belknap Mountains from the top. I had also noticed garnet crystals glowing magenta from some of the granite ledges.

Anita has different memories of blueberries. In New England where she now lives, she has happy memories of buying them at farm stands. But in Central America, where she is from, they did not know about the fruit.

When I asked what she might like to contribute for a gathering to share tea and dialogue in my tea hut, Anita suggested blueberries. She has special memories of her grandfather who loved pies made from the fruit that was sent all the way from North America to Honduras. Here she tells that story in her own words. This video was made by Jeff Klein. You may visit his website here.

Author: katzlator

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